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A great new App Manager

If you have an Android phone you already know that it’s application management is quite terrible by default. You cannot simply move your apps from the card to the internal memory and back. You can’t easily list and manage the apps. It’s a hassle when compared to the easy and straightforward app management that is currently present on Apple’s iOS. Many people that have an Android phone crave for a great solution to this awkward problem. These people have been searching the internet for a solution and ultimately found out that all the software managers were either poorly done or outdated.

This is exactly why the guys from Renkmobil have decided to start their work on a new and revolutionary App Manager for Android. A piece of software that will allow you complete freedom and control over what is going on in your phone. After months of work they have released the brand new App Manager in Google’s Play Store. Probably the best thing about this program is that it’s absolutely free. You won’t have to spend additional money to have greater functionality and this is great. It currently possesses a 4.5 out of 5 stars review on the site, which is great for such category of applications.


Using the brand new Link2SD will give you a total control over the storage of your phone. You will be now able to see where your precious data is going to. By efficiently managing your applications on the phone – you can free precious storage that can be used for other things, like taking photos or downloading a movie. The App Manager for Android is a fresh new way of identifying all the applications that are currently installed in your internal memory or on an SD card that is connected to your phone.

The application gives you total control about what you are viewing. You can sort the apps in both grid and list ways – it depends on you which is more comfortable for the viewing pleasure. If you are happy with the default system apps of Android then you can set up App Manager to hide them. In case you want to get rid of the largest applications, this software allows you to sort apps by time of installation and size. It also allows you to tap into the cache that the applications use and delete it to gain more free space.