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Discover the first mobilespy

The new technologies are amazing. Humankind has drifted from the moon landing and cosmic exploring into the new commercial age of devices and gizmos that permit our life to be simpler by connecting us into the big world wide web. Everyone who has a modern tablet or mobile phone is always connected to the internet and therefore can be immediately contacted with a call, message, image and whatnot. This is an amazing experience that our ancestors never deemed possible. The future is even brighter and hold many secrets to unravel and explore.

Probably the best thing is that we can easily use the modern technologies to our own advantage and this advantage is clear if we explore the new applications that are there on the market. For example, you can suspect your spouse of cheating – but you can also use a small and handy app like mobilespy to check on him or her and make sure you’re secure and no one is attempting to create a trick of you. The mobilespy review says that it has already helped thousands of wives and husbands that have been suspicious of their better halves. In most cases these suspicions are false – but you gotta be sure.


Mobile spy was invented with good intentions in mind: it’s not really an evil spy that was created to do bad things. Checking now and then on your spouse and on your kids to ensure their safety is a good thing. It can really help to prevent some major catastrophes and to teach your kids a thing or two about education. There is more than one mobile spy review that is praising the application and giving it the maximum score of the editorial. It’s really a breakthrough in what seems to be an overcrowded market.

This is the first cell phone spy that has really worked without showing itself to the person that you are spying on. It can intercept calls, show you the text messages and give you an accurate location to where the cell phone currently is. Using this method you can be sure to be covered on where the person is and what’s his or her routine.

Top of the most popular games like Clash of Clans.

Top of the most popular games like Clash of Clans.

Video gaming appears to be among the most popular passions of our era of computer technologies, which involves people of both sexes, of different occupation and background, and of diverse age, including quite innocent as well as middle age fans, who find it extremely exciting to play the computer games. In addition now we have a great chance to use such amazing devices as iPads, iPhones and iPods to enjoy the powerful playing wherever we may be. In such a way, many people, who don’t consider themselves to be the real video gaming fans, see video games as a sort of time-killing amusement.

Nowadays, the diversity of video games available on the internet as for free as for money is extremely great. Almost every user can find an appropriate game that will match his or her preferences. Furthermore, almost all games are designed to develop some certain skills of a player, requiring his or her full involvement into the game plot.


Thus, the majority of people, who like challenging their intellectual abilities along with their capacity to take prompt and reasonable solutions, prefer playing strategy games. This type of games provides a real brain work, which could be really gripping as well as useful.

There is no doubt that games like Clash of Clans are rightfully referred to the most well-liked, since they allow its players to plunge into such activities as construction of villages and fortifications, creation of powerful armies made of the mighty warriors and defenders, extraction of natural resources, necessary for strategic needs, and certainly invasion into the enemy territory along with the acquisition of this territory. All these activities, supposed by games similar to Clash of Clans, have a common target, which is the expansion of a particular clan.

It’s obvious that today games like Clash of Clans for PC seems to be an essential thing for many PC users and in particular for freelancers, who have a flexible schedule while working at home, mainly because these games allow us to relax from time to time during our work at our computers.

App Manager

A great new App Manager

If you have an Android phone you already know that it’s application management is quite terrible by default. You cannot simply move your apps from the card to the internal memory and back. You can’t easily list and manage the apps. It’s a hassle when compared to the easy and straightforward app management that is currently present on Apple’s iOS. Many people that have an Android phone crave for a great solution to this awkward problem. These people have been searching the internet for a solution and ultimately found out that all the software managers were either poorly done or outdated.

This is exactly why the guys from Renkmobil have decided to start their work on a new and revolutionary App Manager for Android. A piece of software that will allow you complete freedom and control over what is going on in your phone. After months of work they have released the brand new App Manager in Google’s Play Store. Probably the best thing about this program is that it’s absolutely free. You won’t have to spend additional money to have greater functionality and this is great. It currently possesses a 4.5 out of 5 stars review on the site, which is great for such category of applications.


Using the brand new Link2SD will give you a total control over the storage of your phone. You will be now able to see where your precious data is going to. By efficiently managing your applications on the phone – you can free precious storage that can be used for other things, like taking photos or downloading a movie. The App Manager for Android is a fresh new way of identifying all the applications that are currently installed in your internal memory or on an SD card that is connected to your phone.

The application gives you total control about what you are viewing. You can sort the apps in both grid and list ways – it depends on you which is more comfortable for the viewing pleasure. If you are happy with the default system apps of Android then you can set up App Manager to hide them. In case you want to get rid of the largest applications, this software allows you to sort apps by time of installation and size. It also allows you to tap into the cache that the applications use and delete it to gain more free space.